16 May 2013


This girl of ours is just so in to new tastes, sauces, drinks and good food at the moment. She's slurping up spicy Tum Yum, she's spooning down the dressing in the Thai Beef Salad. She also licks tomato sauce off her plate (yuk!). She'd drink a bowl of tamari if we'd let her. This week's latest experiment was a fresh coconut she pounced on while we were doing the food shopping. She adored the milk, as you can see. The coconut meat, not so much. That's OK though, more for me and Itay! 

What have you tried lately? Do your kids try new foods? While M is in to new foods, O just will not go outside his comfort zone. He's a work in progress!

Did you notice my blog looks a little bit strange? I'm playing around behind the scenes and I kinda broke some stuff. Oops. HTML baffles me!

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