6 May 2013

Party pins and cake wrecks

I have an on again/off again relationship with Pinterest. You may already know of the addictive nature of this site. You may have taken your own steps to reduce your addiction. Then, you need inspiration. Back you go. Add another board. Browse. Addiction recommences.

My latest time waster research? My boy turns 4 on Saturday. Party time. It's not hard to guess the theme, check it out here. 

I've tried to simplify. A lovely mum from day care has volunteered to make the cake. Then I discovered that O doesn't like water balloons. Hates them, in fact. The bubble blaster doesn't work and he hates it. He also apparently hates jelly, which I'm sceptical about, but now I need to return the jelly crystals. The waffle cones were all shattered when I opened them. Back they go. As I type this, he's telling me he hates sausage rolls. I'm running out of gear here, people!

I'm getting nervous. Remember my cake disaster last year? And because I didn't post a photo last year, here we go...

Ha! Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Good luck! I hope it was a great party and the cake all got devoured :)