30 May 2013

Plant life

Over the weekend I dragged the family to a huge second hand clothing sale. I was excited, imagining a very cool haul of second hand clothing to cover my kids over winter, at least. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed. About a million pairs of jeans in all sizes, many stained clothes (I'm just not that dedicated) and really, not much at all. I usually get more when I trawl the four shops very close to work on my lunch hour.
Anyway, the kids were desperate to play and ride their bikes, so we headed down to the broadwater, to a place we don't often normally visit. It's the suburb Itay and I both work in and we avoid it as much as possible on the weekends!

I didn't realise there was a little walk around a wetlands there, so we pedalled off, played on the beach and enjoyed the autumn sunshine. O showed us how he can ride down hills with his legs off the pedals, M was too scared at first but then figured it out (with an internal dose of "if my brother can do it, then I can too".

I don't often take photos of plantlife, so these were fun. We made it back to the car just before the rain started and headed home for a nap. I need that nap on the weekend. At least one, preferably two. No one else in my little family seems to need the afternoon nap like I do, but I'm sticking with it. It's part of my sanity.

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Michelle said...

Dont you hate that expecting a good haul and you end up disappointed. Nevermind, the plant like were a pretty cool find that kind of makes up for it :)