7 May 2013

Simple life

So many words in my head. Living simply is the idea. Everyone is talking about it.  I don't do this. I have an addiction to shopping. I just cannot resist a sale sticker, a shelf with small announcement saying... I'm cheap... so buy me. Admitedly I do get a whole heap of bargains. But I also get a whole heap of stuff. Our house is not full of crap. But I do think that the kids may have a few too many tshirts... and maybe I recently bought too many bikini bottoms that I now won't wear.

I need to keep myself out of shops. I need to be more simple. Maybe even get out the sewing machine and make something out of what we already have.

(I do grow some stuff... Kaffir limes - we use the leaves for cooking.)

Sarah Wilson says:

I don’t go to the shops. I grew up on a farm, which was more a “subsistence living experiment”. Everything was minimised and recycled. It very much instilled a visceral abhorrence of waste and consumerist culture. We simply didn’t go to the shops and as an adult I’ve come to realise that this very simply idea – just don’t go to the shops – is perhaps the most effective approach to having a simple life. It eliminates temptation and empty desire. And it saves time and forces more creative ways to use up leftovers and what you have at hand. It’s amazing what meals you can concoct even when you think you’ve got nothing in the kitchen.

I grew up living on a farm of sorts. We lived in the country, pretty far from the shops. We didn't go in to town much and when we did, I remember it as an exciting trip. We didn't buy much, my mum made quite a few of our clothes and instilled in me a dislike for clothes with logos and prints that everyone else could have. But now, I'm the opposite. Oh, I still don't buy (many) clothes that have logos or prints but I go to the shops far too frequently. I buy as a form of reward, as a mood lifter, as a way to amuse myself. I find myself disgusted at this and so difficult to wean myself!

The worst part of this? I'm accidentally, but really instilling in my kids that shopping is fun, shopping is a time filler, buying stuff is good. M loves to buy stuff and both my kids think that if something breaks, or if they want something, we can just go buy it. Not good, right?
How do you live?

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