2 May 2013


On the last day of our little break on the Sunshine Coast, the weather continued to be unpredictable. We didn't actually swim in the ocean on our holiday, but we speant a lot of time at the beach. (We made good use of the pool and the spa though, even sneaking in a twilight spa on our last night. So much fun!) It looks gorgeous in this photo above, but there was a big black storm cloud looming off to the south (right of this picture).

The ship wreck on Dicky Beach that no one but me was really impressed by. I thought the kids would love it!

They were more impressed by Itay's take on the Toyota ad.

We did a whole lot of shell collecting and inspecting of little creatures on the sand. Time well spent.

 Ok, here's the weather. Looking north.

Looking south.. and a few minutes later we were saturated. We didn't make it to the car before huge drops of rain poured down. We got absolutely soaked!

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