4 June 2013

Back in autumn...

On the last weekend of autumn, we rolled up our jeans (oh yes, we were overdressed!) and absorbed the sun. At the beach. because that's what we do.
We lay down and felt the warmth of the wood on our bellies.

We spotted tiny crabs and some one of us tried to get over our fear of them. Not me.

We had smoothies in little cups. The waitress in the cafe just got it when I asked for a spare cup, and instead she just split the drink in to two cool little cups instead. Thank you, Elephant Rock Cafe.

We loved the sunshine. Don't stay away too long, OK?


kelly said...

Beautiful words and pictures, I've missed your blog while I've been hiding from mine.

Michelle said...

Looks like a perfect day out in the sunshine. Crabs are cute not scary :)