3 June 2013

Sweet Sunday

Sunday started late for us - 6.45am! Rainy, dark and quiet. We stayed very close to home and proved that we can have lots of fun and adventures at home!
  • Shakshuka for breakfast. I should post this recipe or at least a photo. So delicious! 
  • ABC iView, love this feature of our new TV. We can filter what the kids watch.
  • Painting, glitter and a clothesline out the back to hang the creations
  • Two clean bathrooms
  • One clean fish tank 
  • A pretend campfire... And then...
  • A real, actual fire in our backyard!
  • Tent in our backyard, kids practice hammering, then snuggle in blankets. We're camping!
  • Leek and potato soup with crunchy bacon
  • Roasting marshmallows over the wok element on the BBQ. So good, haven't had these in years!
  • Inspecting houses... Wishing the good houses could be on the good blocks on the good streets
  • Sneaky afternoon naps (just me!)
  • Passion fruit, coconut and vanilla puddings

Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

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