15 July 2013

In between days

On Friday, I finished a job. The job which has been up, down and around and has left me in a state of anxiety for the last year or so. On Wednesday, I start a new one. I have these three days to myself, to just take a deep breath before packing my lunch and heading out on this new journey.
I thought I was certain about my decision, but for the reduction in salary, I was set. Then late Friday afternoon, on my final Brisbane day, there was talk of changing things around, making it work better for me, the possibility of staying on. I became confused. I became uncertain of my decision and worried about a few aspects of that decision.
I'm sure this worry caused the almighty headache I was struck with on Saturday, which lingered in to Sunday. I guess I need to write myself a list and clear out my head.
Today I watched my girl read a little story on stage at her school assembly. I have rested, op shopped and had a delicious tempura udon soup for lunch. I'm now going to grab the kids and hang with them.
Being a grown up is hard.

13 July 2013

The little boy

When I talk about my son on my blog, I often refer to him as the little guy. He is our youngest, so "little" seems to come naturally. He'll always be our little baby boy. The thing about O is - he actually is little. He was born reasonably big, at just over 4kg. I had gestational diabetes, so we'll never know if he was meant to be big or diabetes got in the way. But quite soon after he was born, he plateaued and he slid off the charts. You know, those all important charts that they plot your baby's growth on.

We've had him checked by a paediatrician and he suspects O will go through late onset puberty (which I probalby did too, when I look back on it).

It's only it in the last 6-12 monthst that he has had a bit of a growth spurt and as of last week at his four year old check up, he's on the chart. His height sits at the 25th percentile and his weight it at around the tenth percentile. In reality, this means he is quite a bit smaller than his friends.

His stature is just part of our decision to hold him back from school for another year. School is a long, long journey and it's not just abbout being ready now (which he isn't). What about when he's at highschool? Late onset puberty is not fun, but as a girl I could stuff socks in to my bra and shave my legs. I'm thinking it would be more difficult for a boy. So we're hoping that he'll be older but around the same level of development as his friends.

Now, I felt good about this decision. I still do. But you know what? Something I'm quickly leanring, is that teasing starts young. Very young. Just yesterday, a girl in his class was teasing him, "you're small, you're small". O was pushing her and yelling back "I'm not small, I'm big".
So here it begins. How we do we help him? How do we give him strength to be big inside himself? To know it is OK to be different? To know the value of himself, and not to worry about his size?
My heart breaks, as does any parent I'm sure, to think their child is different and may suffer teasing as a result.
He is strong, agile and keeps up with his friends. He is emotional, loving and so funny. Seriously, would you look at him?


11 July 2013

Training wheels

Sunday was just a gorgeous, gorgeous winter day on the Gold Coast. We headed to the beach, as we usually do. Big discussions about training wheels happened. There were tears. Previously, our one attempt had ended in disaster. The kind of meltdown when you realise people are actually considering whether to intervene, because it sounds like you hurting your child. (Don't worry, we weren't - she was just really, really upset and scared).

So this was the scary for her.

Here's Itay, trying to calm her and give her some reassurance.

But look! She's on the path, one training wheel off. She's smiling! Look at her go!

Oops - but she didn't hurt herself and she was so thrilled! She kept going and going, trying again and again and she was just so happy. They even tried it with both wheels off, but that was just a little bit too scary for her.

O was cheering her on, here he is, giving a victory shout for her! He did say that he is never, ever taking his training wheels off.

M took this photo of Itay and I.

The girl. One training wheel off. A little step in this huge journey of growing up.

9 July 2013

Slow Saturday

We had O's four year old immunisations on Friday and our friend Snot came to play (and stay) with both kids. So Saturday morning was slow and easy. Somehow, puppet shows happened. With fruit.

And then super heros.

It was so sweet and funny. Kids are amazing. A small table, pool noodle, blanket and some fruit = puppet show. Of course, right?!

8 July 2013

What should I read next?

If you've been reading for a while, or you know me in real life, you know I love to read. I haven't posted my reads recently, but I have been reading. Oh yes. It's an addiction. No matter how tired, how sick or how many times I have read something before and loved it, I still read.
I received an iPad mini for my birthday/Mothers day so I've been reading on that and books, of course. I can't let go of books altogether. They're my love. At the same time, the iPad is so, so convenient and it suits me for so many reasons. Either way, I'm reading.
I'm always looking for my next read. Always looking for recommendations, reading reviews, clicking through links to books. And check this website out...

The bottom half of my boy's bookshelf. Half in English, half in Hebrew.

What are you reading at the moment?

5 July 2013

Cleaning the inbox

My inbox is not so huge as some. But the 350 I did have, just in my main personal email address still sucked. Add to that work email, a hotmail account (mainly spam only, these days!) and a job application only email account, and that's a whole lot of cyber clutter. Stressing me out in a tiny yet very annoying way.
My tip - sort the whole crapload by sender. All your emails from your mum, dad, phone provider, missed spam and bills, just ready for your attention in neat little sections.
Bills - make sure they're paid, then file or delete, which ever way you roll. Make a file for stuff you need. I made one for each kid, one for school, one for meals (Itay and I tend to think of meals for the weekly plan and email them home during the day). We already have folders for bills, direct payments and all that serious crappola.
Those seven emails remaining in the inbox look very pretty now. Manageable. I've done the same at work, now I just need to tackle hotmail and the "jobs only" address.
Like Jodi, who I linked to earlier, I'm unsubscribing from the surge of far-too frequent emails. I don't need to shop and those emails are just too easy to click through. I just need to stay in control now!

4 July 2013

4 years on

A couple of weeks ago, we met up with my grandparents and aunt. Nothing unsual, right? But we haven't seen them in over four years, which means they hadn't met the little boy. Four years is a long time for the young and old, and so my girl is huge, compared to way back in 2009. I was pregnant with O back then. We visited them down on the south coast of NSW over Christmas. Look how tiny she is!

Isn't she cute? So funny to think back to the days when O wasn't around. It's so quiet on the rare days we only have one kid in our house now, and we thought it was hard back then!
It was so lovely to see my grandparents and darling aunt, and for them to meet my little crew.