5 July 2013

Cleaning the inbox

My inbox is not so huge as some. But the 350 I did have, just in my main personal email address still sucked. Add to that work email, a hotmail account (mainly spam only, these days!) and a job application only email account, and that's a whole lot of cyber clutter. Stressing me out in a tiny yet very annoying way.
My tip - sort the whole crapload by sender. All your emails from your mum, dad, phone provider, missed spam and bills, just ready for your attention in neat little sections.
Bills - make sure they're paid, then file or delete, which ever way you roll. Make a file for stuff you need. I made one for each kid, one for school, one for meals (Itay and I tend to think of meals for the weekly plan and email them home during the day). We already have folders for bills, direct payments and all that serious crappola.
Those seven emails remaining in the inbox look very pretty now. Manageable. I've done the same at work, now I just need to tackle hotmail and the "jobs only" address.
Like Jodi, who I linked to earlier, I'm unsubscribing from the surge of far-too frequent emails. I don't need to shop and those emails are just too easy to click through. I just need to stay in control now!

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Michelle said...

I like to keep my inbox fairly empty with only active emails in there - I have a zillion folders and once I deal with something it gets moved straight away. Im a bit anal like that!