15 July 2013

In between days

On Friday, I finished a job. The job which has been up, down and around and has left me in a state of anxiety for the last year or so. On Wednesday, I start a new one. I have these three days to myself, to just take a deep breath before packing my lunch and heading out on this new journey.
I thought I was certain about my decision, but for the reduction in salary, I was set. Then late Friday afternoon, on my final Brisbane day, there was talk of changing things around, making it work better for me, the possibility of staying on. I became confused. I became uncertain of my decision and worried about a few aspects of that decision.
I'm sure this worry caused the almighty headache I was struck with on Saturday, which lingered in to Sunday. I guess I need to write myself a list and clear out my head.
Today I watched my girl read a little story on stage at her school assembly. I have rested, op shopped and had a delicious tempura udon soup for lunch. I'm now going to grab the kids and hang with them.
Being a grown up is hard.


Kelly said...

Yes I totally agree being a grown up is hard. Specially when making big decisions. Follow your heart and I'm sure you will make the right one xo

Michelle said...

It must have been so hard to change jobs, but hey you made a decision and stuck with it and Im sure it was the right one. If you arent happy in your job then it can make your life pretty miserable we spend so much time there afterall. Enjoy your few days off so you can start at the new place refreshed and revived!