11 July 2013

Training wheels

Sunday was just a gorgeous, gorgeous winter day on the Gold Coast. We headed to the beach, as we usually do. Big discussions about training wheels happened. There were tears. Previously, our one attempt had ended in disaster. The kind of meltdown when you realise people are actually considering whether to intervene, because it sounds like you hurting your child. (Don't worry, we weren't - she was just really, really upset and scared).

So this was the scary for her.

Here's Itay, trying to calm her and give her some reassurance.

But look! She's on the path, one training wheel off. She's smiling! Look at her go!

Oops - but she didn't hurt herself and she was so thrilled! She kept going and going, trying again and again and she was just so happy. They even tried it with both wheels off, but that was just a little bit too scary for her.

O was cheering her on, here he is, giving a victory shout for her! He did say that he is never, ever taking his training wheels off.

M took this photo of Itay and I.

The girl. One training wheel off. A little step in this huge journey of growing up.

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Michelle said...

Owwww the poor thing but hey she to there in the end, 1 wheel is better than no wheels! Its nice to see a photo of you on there too :) enjoying the sunshine