9 August 2013

A day in my stomach

Here's what a week day looks like in my tummy.

1/3 cup rolled oats, cooked in water + LSA, chia seeds, cinnamon + milk
1 boiled egg
1 cup of green tea

1/3 cup fruit (usually a mix of strawberries, rockmelon, watermelon, cherries - depending on what is in season)
5 x rice crackers + hommous

Salad (wombok, red cabbage, rocket, corn, radish, snow peas) + sesame seeds + sunflower seeds, drizzled with olive oil + 3/4 cup of marinated, cooked, sliced lean meat (rump steak or chicken breast). I've added some tuna, cooked salmon, leftover cooked peas, soba noodles...

1/3 cup raw vegies (usually a mix of carrot, cucumber, snow peas, red cabbage)
10 raw cashews
Green tea

Very varied!

Now it's not all clean eating. While I do drink water through the day, it's never enough. I usually drink one small 200ml can of Coke Zero a day. I almost always get hungry and/or cravings in the afternoon so I have had a packet of chips, chocolate covered goji berries (which hurt me, so much sugar, I feel awful after I eat these), beef jerky (but I can't find any without loads of preservatives in the, one brand has MSG also). After dinner can be homemade popcorn, a handful of organic corn chips or a homemade dessert. And then alcohol. 1-2 standard drinks on 2-4 nights a week. I know they're standard because I drink mid-strength bourbon... in a can. Measured, so very standard!

Breakfast is usually boring old porridge and eggs. Recently we have been having shakshuka quite a bit. Tomatoes, capsicum, spices, eggs. Sometimes I make pancakes. Lunches are often out - we love sushi and Yum Cha. Snacks are hit and miss - crackers with cheese and ham, fruit, nuts, vegies, corn chips. Dinners are usually prawns one night and a dish which takes a while to cook (such as a stew, roast or new and complicated dish). I have green tea, water (never enough) and the odd Coke Zero. And a couple of drinks.

So the bones of my daily eating look lovely. The bits in between? Not so great.

What goes in your tummy?

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