2 August 2013

Finding our place to play

Recently, we've spent quite a bit of time walking through other people's houses. Hoping to make their house, our house. For me, it's an awkward, uncomfortable, uplifting, hopeful and disheartening process all at the same time. I don't dislike this like journey, but I can't say I'm enjoying it either.
There is so much to consider. Good house, bad street. Good house, bad area. Bad house, good area. Lots of work to do, no work to do. Is it that good that we change schools? Is it that good that we compromise on other aspects of life?
We thought we had a clear direction but recently that focus has changed and now we are in limbo - yet again. Again. We're both tired of limbo land and I tell you what, I can hardly stand to look at that awful avocado green carpet we live with for another second. First world problems, I know.

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