5 August 2013

Holiday activities

As a school mum, and working full time, school holidays fill me with mixed emotions. Guilt, dread and panic. I'm not like other parents who blog about loving the end to routine, sleep ins, quality time with kids and planned daily adventures. Instead, I freak out about how we're going to care for the school kid, give the little guy a break too, using our annual leave frugally and wisely yet still having that good old quality time with the kids. Between Itay and I, we have 8 weeks annual leave. M has 12 weeks of school holidays. Those numbers there send me in to a little quiet panic.
Anyhow, I wrote a list of holiday activities before the summer holidays last year on a scrap of paper. When cleaning up, I realised that yes, we had ticked off a few activities, but there are still loads to work on. Some are small, some require more planning and thought. They are also written with summer in mind, but I wanted to record it for myself regardless.
  • make coloured water, bubbles in tubs
  • painting on canvases
  • QLD museum
  • Tent in back yard
  • farmers market
  • make iceblocks
  • playdates
  • wash car
  • go to the pool
  • go to the library
  • sprinklers/pool at home
  • Visit the honey place
  • Visit the Crystal Castle
  • make soap
  • sewing cards
  • train ride
  • magnetic fishing
  • shrinky dinks
  • freeze stuff in big tub
  • potting mix play
  • buy umbrellas for fun smoothies
  • puffy paint - 1tbs SR flour, 1 tbs salt, water, colouring
  • cornmeal and oil - cloud dough
  • lunch with Aba at work
  • Visit the Broadwater Rockpools
  • fill tray with baking soda, drip vinegar/food colouring in
  • bleach pen on shirt
  • shaving cream and colour in bath
How do you juggle work and school holidays with minimal family support? What are your tried and tested holiday activities?

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