28 August 2013

Motherlode of mother guilt

Recently I've been noticing so many posts and articles about slowing down, living in the moment, being with your kids. That stuff shouldn't be hard, but it is.

We work hard in our house to be organised and to make good food for our family. This means we meal plan, shop and then make our food. We don't use bottled sauces, packets or really anything pre-made. We make our lunches the night before, we iron our clothes in one bulk lot. This stuff all takes time.

Does it come at a cost of not being with our kids? And how can I turn that switch off, to just be - and not just be thinking of the next task or the bill to pay or the washing to get in or the bath to run? I have not come even close to finding an answer to that question - how to just be with the kids.

Then I read something else that resonated with me. Maybe it's not all about the being present for every single moment, maybe it's about the memorable moments. The ones where Itay and I run and hide in M's bed with the light off, just to make them laugh. The moments when we lie on the edge of the pool and talk. The moments where I tell silly four line stories as I kiss them goodnight.
Maybe, hopefully those moments are enough.

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