30 August 2013

Ouch - my eyes!

Facial Moisturiser (125ml)

It's been a pretty crappy couple of months in our house, healthwise. One weird thing began happening to me around six weeks ago. My eyes were sore. I started my job and I felt pretty rotten in a few different ways, but my eyes were just not right. It felt as though I was really, really tired, as though I hadn't washed my face and freshened my eyes up each morning. It was almost as if they were bruised. The soreness was also around my actual eye socket - if you gently press just below and above your eyes you feel your cheek and browbones. This is where I was sore. It was beginning to affect my days and my work. I felt desperately tired and sore each day.

I started thinking about what could be causing this perpetual soreness. Did I need glasses? Was my new desk/computer/job affecting me? Then a little inkling of an idea formed. I was using up an older moisturiser - not an eye cream, but just a smaller bottle of a brand name facial moisturiser (which I won't name, but let's say their name implies that it should be a lovely, simple product). Was this my problem?

The next day I used Itay's moisturiser. My eyes were fine. During my weekly shop at my beloved bulk food/health shop this Sukin Facial Moisturiser jumped out at me. I'm a very low-cost beauty products girl so at $9.95 and a list of ingredients I understood, I bought it. My eyes were fine the next day, the day after that and in the weeks following. This Sukin moisturiser has quite a strong scent but with no added fragrance, the smell derives from the essential oils. I love it!
I'm now going to try a few other Sukin products. I've also gone back to using Rosehip oil at night, which is just so soothing and lovely. My skin feels smooth each morning. I have very oily skin, so using the Rosehip oil over summer will be a test.

I should mention that I wasn’t putting the other moisturiser on or close to my eyes, just on my t-zone. It was just wrong for me in so many ways.
What products do you use on your face? Have you had any strange reactions?


girlythirties said...

Hey Blythe ... I use Rosehip oil during summer... it is fantastic ... it actually helps to calm the skin especially if you get sunburnt.. I am glad the eyes are better. nothing worse... and congrats on the new job ..

Jodi said...

I'm another Sukin convert here Blythe, I've even swapped over to their deodorant because every other brand makes my skin so itchy and tender. I have some of their rosehip oil here too, might have to dig it out and start using it again.