22 August 2013

Sick Mum & Boy

Wow, what a quiet weekend we had... And yes, I know it is now Friday! O was sent home from kindy early on Thursday and thankfully my Mum came to the rescue, looking after him on Friday. Thursday night, I was also spiralling down in to I'm Very Unwell Town and had to go to work on Friday anyway - my fourth week of work and all. My boss kindly sent me home at about 3.30pm and I hit the bed very fast.

The weekend was a blur of sleep, feeling absolutely awful and trying to help Itay with the usual weekend stuff. Parenting to the best of my very, very limited ability. Thank you to Medcall, who do bulk billed home visits after hours. O and I both ended up taking antibiotics and by Sunday afternoon we were on our feet again. My throat was sore, so inflamed that I could hardly swallow water. At one point I was sneezing and crying actual tears because it hurt my throat so badly.

Although I was asleep much of the weekeend, it seems that quite a bit happened in the quiet of home. Itay made chocolates in the shape of animals with the kids. The kids took the leftover chocolate and mixed it with water and sand and played Masterchef outside. Funny little people.

Given that it now pretty much the following weekend... you could say being sick really knocked me around! Here's hoping for a better weekend!

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