29 August 2013

The go-kart

Recently, O became obsessed with go-karts. Obsessed, as in, his Aba needed to make one for him. Aba, when are you going to make my go-kart?
First, we needed to buy O a new helmet. The one we had for him was a hand-me-down and was far too big. Turns out that he needs an extra small kids size and they are reasonably hard to find in shops. They're also expensive! We found one here, as recommended by the guy we stopped on a beach path one day. His daughter was tiny and her helmet looked like it fit - so we asked him about it! O chose the green one, of course and it soon arrived. We probably need some knee and elbow pads - but the helmet was desperately needed before the go-kart could be made!
Next... making a go-kart. I have to admit, Itay and I are not the greatest DIY people. At all. But Itay took on the project, researched it, swore a fair bit, went to Bunnings to fix a few issue and he did it. O was so happy and both kids just love their new, old-fashioned go-kart!
Itay needs to make a couple of size adjustments and O wants to paint it - red and green, with the number 4 on the back. But here it is, the family go-kart.

"This is awesome!" - in his words.

Waiting while his big sister has a turn.

Did you have a go-kart when you were a kid? We had a classic old metal one, yellow and red. It was called the Coggy Wog. Bloody brilliant name.

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