17 August 2013

Writing your resume

In my job, I see hundred of resumes every week. Hundreds... I'm not an expert, but there are a few bits and pieces that stand out.
  • Put your name on your resume (yes, I cannot believe I'm saying this)
  • Put your phone number on your resume (and this!)
  • Use a sensible email address. "sexybunny69@" or "hitmeup@" are not appropriate. Just set up an email address for job applications only. Use your name, if possible, and using underscores or hyphens is fine, eg. joanne_smith@ if your name is laready taken.
  • Use the same font and font size all the way through your resume. Larger sized headings are fine.
  • List your achievements, not just your duties or responsibilities.
  • Give a short explanation of the company you worked for. Employers may not know that Sam's Finer Dining is the largest food venue in your small town and you seat 100 diners at a time, or that Smith & Sons is a prominent law firm specialising in family law.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Have someone else read through it.
  • Ensure you have current, contactable referees. Touch base with your referees prior to a period of job searching and either ask their permission or let them know they may be contacted soon.
  • If you're calling about a job, make sure you have pen and paper prepared. Please don't say "I'll just get a pen"... it shows you're not prepared. Also, turn down the TV or music in the background.
  • Introduce yourself. Don't just say "I'm calling about the job".
  • It's OK to follow up on a job application.
These points just popped in to my head at work during the week, as I read the 95th resume and searched for the candidate's phone number.

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