5 September 2013

A plague on our house

Sickness has hit our house. O and I were struck down two weeks ago, bedridden and needing to dose up on nasty antibiotics to kick our nasty sickness. Itay and M suffered the following week. 

I've had a sore throat and a chesty cough for six weeks now. Six weeks... and then I think about my boy. O has been on a pretty bad run of health, with almost constant snot and coughing. It has been months for him. Years even. We're having him allergy tested this week because we need some answers. He coughs every night. He has snot most days. Is it a food allergy? dust mites? something more serious? I really hope this allergy testing can help us identify a way to build his immune system and just be healthy.
Even while feeling sorry for ourselves, and the constant, niggling little worry about O's health, I know we're lucky. Very lucky. We're able-bodied, generally healthy and we're not suffering from a chronic illness. We're doing OK. There are many people who are suffering so much more. Remembering this is difficult when you're in the depths of snot, tissues, nightly coughing, croup and throats so sore you can't swallow water. But I need to say and really immerse myself in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

I love her curled little finger and her mis-matched socks. Just a little bit sick, soaking up the morning sunlight.

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