12 September 2013

Camping, anyone?

The idea of camping freaks me out a little bit. Specifically, camping with kids. My kids are a little bit scared of everything. One kid is very prone to being bitten and reacting terribly to insect bites. So combine the dark of night, night noises, many insects and the big one, weather... I'm going to admit it, I'm nervous. (Please don't tell Itay!) I did a tiny bit of camping during my childhood but I'm really not at all confident or comfortable with the idea. I want to go out of my comfort zone... I really want to be a good camper!

We're going camping... at some point in the next few months and hopefully many times over the years. So I must get over my nerves and get organised. I feel that being organised will help me feel a little more in control of an experience which is so dependant on one thing I cannot control, and that is, of course... weather!

So, a list.
  • Tent. Obvious, I know. We have one, but it's probably small enough to be the teenage retreat in about 6 years. We need a big family tent.
  • Something comfortable to sleep on. Not an airbed. What other options are there?
  • Lights
  • Stove of some description
  • Cooking and eating stuff
  • Marshmallows
  • Mozzie repellent
Ooh, that's a nice general list. I think I've covered the basics. I really need ideas, recommendations, tips and coping mechanisms here!

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Katrina@capturingmoments said...

We are going camping soon, and it freaks me out a little bit too now, especially taking our little boys! x