10 September 2013

Little holidays = lots of packing

Long trip, short trip - travelling with kids means packing a crap load of stuff no matter how long you're going away for. A couple of ways that I cope:

Medicine. I pack for all our common ailments. For us, that means:
  • Panadol and Nurofen, kid and adult versions
  • Prednisone for croup
  • Zyrtec, for when M is bitten. And she will be bitten, even if we cover her in insect repellent
  • We have a first aid kit in the car also
Travel time. Our kids are both crap travellers. There have been times when we have reached the end of our main street and they both asked "are we there yet?"... We can barely drive down the coast to visit my family (a maximum of 1.5 hours) before they are both moaning and groaning. So the thought of driving even a little further doesn't fill me with a sense of fun. I sound old and cranky when I say that my kids are bloody lucky, as we went on long, long driving holidays when I was a kid and there were no DVD players, no phones or iPads. We had books, magnetic chess and endless games of "I spy". I have no secret to keeping the kids amused. Food, mainly. I have also bought both kids a clipboard, so they have blank paper and a drawing/colouring surface.

Snacks and food. We almost always book self-catering houses, units or cabins so we can eat and prepare some meals at home. For short stays we make a bit of a plan and then bring the basics with us. This weekend we're away for three days and two nights. So we'll plan to have breakfast at our accommodation each day, lunch out one day, dinner out the next. Our dinners at home are always really easy - BBQs! Lunches are sandwiches or BBQ chicken and salad. So we pack olive oil, oats, salt and pepper, a few spices, a good knife, green tea, mayonnaise... you get the idea. We figure out where the closest supermarket is and stock up on fresher food as we get close to our accommodation.

Our kids each have their own rooms at home. When we go away, they sleep in the same room. There's been a bit of giggling at times, but they're pretty good. They enjoy these times and a few giggles are usually OK.
I tend to pack too many clothes. I do try to plan outfits but I'm not so good at this. I rely on Itay's skills here - he's great at fitting all the crap in to the available spaces!

When I'm planning and packing for any trips away, I tend to think through our day to day routine. What do we use every day? What can't we live without? What makes our days easier, and can we improvise?
Our next mission is camping. Neither of us grew up camping, we've both done a little bit but we're not experienced campers. We're starting to "gear up" and that is a whole other post!
Any travel tips? Camping tips for newbies?

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