4 September 2013

Love long weekends

It was a long weekend here on the Gold Coast for the local show. As we have done for the last few years, we packed up and headed off on an adventure. Last year we did this and the year before we did this.

This year's adventure - Yamba. Ridiculously, neither of us had been there. Given that I grew up living less than 1.5 hours from this gorgeous beach town, it is really silly. Not too far to drive with little people, beach, cabin, three days. Bloody bliss.

The boy, pool time. The second-last day of winter.

The view from our cabin on Saturday morning. So, so good!

Convent Beach - someone else's woodwork!

Ooh, look at these rock caves Mum!

Dead crab. I am never, ever touching that, he says.

Loving this view!

Pippis, Yamba.

And a visit to Angourie.

One playing in PJs, the other in swimmers. Early Sunday morning.

The weather was absolutely glorious, the best we have had on a holiday for a very long time. Good weather just makes enjoying life so much easier. Such a beautiful weekend!

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