25 September 2013


What a lovely pair of ... pears!

Every year, Currumbin Beach hosts Swell, a beautful scupture exhibition. It's a stunning location and each year I've checked the sculptures out, there have been a few I have just loved. This year it was just me and the kids, Itay was up the coast picking up our new car. he's not into the scultpures so much anyway.

O loved this one in the photo above, spotting it from the car as we were looking for a parking spot. (The parking! What a drama!) We sat next to the artist and she told us that some kids see boobs, some see pears. O saw pears, in case you were wondering!

Isn't this mermaid just gorgeous?

Pigs might just fly.

This was one of my favourites. I also took on a few pictures and posted on Instagram and funnily, when I had a look at the #swellscupture hashtag, these chairs were facing the beach in most other photos!

O wasn't really into the scuptures, once we started walking along the beach and paths. This is what he did for most of the afternoon... drove his little fire trucks in the sand.

They both loved this fabric bike and dog (not pictured!).

Their absolute favourite? the mobile woodfired pizza ovens. That's our pizza in there.

They loved this pizza!

This was O's favourite scultpture, a pile of concrete rubble with this little scene on one of the rocks. M just loved the scuptures and wanted a photo with every single one. Next year I'll just take the girl!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sculptures! We have a similar event in Townsville called the Strand Ephemera and I love visiting all the sculptures. I love that head/brain piece and the mermaid is lovely.

Anna (My Design Ethos)