29 October 2013

What's for dinner?

I used to write down our weekly planned menus as a record for myself, and even now I'm a slackety slack blogger, I still look back on our weekly menus for inspiration. So I'm going to try to start recording these meal plans again. I'm no food photographer and there just isn't time in our evenings to fluff around with taking photos of dinner in beautiful light with pretty props. For me, it's enough to know that we sit together around the dinner table each night to enjoy our food and each other. It's not all fun, there's a whole lot of "just try it please" and arguements about eating the protein and vegetables - not just the carbs. O could live on carbs. Anyhow, here's a few from weeks past.

Chicken schnitzel w/ rice & vegies
Thai fish cakes w/ corn & salad
Steak & salad
Beef kebabs w/ rice & vegies
Pad Thai
Prawns & salad

Prawns & salad
Paprika chicken
Lasagne w/ salad
Homemade pizza
Meatballs w/ pasta
Beef fajitas
Panko crumbed fish & chips

Rice paper rolls w/ wontons
Beef stirfry
Chicken burgers
Salmon, snow pea w/ soba noodle salad
Steak, sausages, corn w/ salad
Caesar salad
Panko fish & chips

28 October 2013

Celebrating seven

Catching up! M's birthday morning.

I love that O is even more excited than M here!

The Furby. That thing is annoying. No off button. Talks all the time and when it turned evil, it made M cry. She doesn't play with it now as even she is annoyed by it.

We were both lucky enough to have the Friday off for M's birthday, so we headed to the beach for a BBQ and a swim.

And then... the party.

The party. I tried to do minimal junk food, actually minimal food in general as it was an afternoon party. We served sausage rolls, fruit, marshmallows, fairy bread and those pastels lollies in the jar above. Other than the kids asking "is it time yet?" every second minute, the 2 pm party was good timing.

No one ate the fruit.

My cake. No cake disasters this time. Who am I kidding? The first two cakes stuck to the pan and  I had to start again. I learned some lessons with this cake. Inside it was ombre pink, four layers. In the end, less than one layer was eaten. So much work and so much waste! Next year, even more simple.

The whole party was actually very easy. At this age, the parents can just drop and run, so we had nine squealing girls and one excited little brother. The girls danced, made bead necklaces, decorated biscuits, made a mess in M's room, opened the presents and cut the cake. Really, that was about it - but they seemed to have a great time. Itay and I were even able to sit down during the party and relax for a few minutes. This has never happened during other parties! I made a decision to really limit the guest list, telling M that she could invite seven kids (her age). This was blown out a little when I realised just one girl in her class was not invited. Some could not make it, as it was over the school holidays and on a long weekend here in QLD, but the nine girls were great together. I also didn't invite our friends and their kids. That felt a bit weird, but it made the party super easy.

So now she is seven.

27 October 2013

The Sunday Pickup

Sunday afternoons at our house are really annoying. Completing prep for meals that we haven't had time for earlier in the weekend. Ironing uniforms and work clothes for three people. Sunday night dinner. About three or four loads of washing in from the line, folding and putting clothes away. Changing sheets. Lunch prep for the next day for three people. Packing school and kindy bags. And then the Sunday Pickup. I hate the damn Sunday Pickup. Over our two whole days at home we (I mainly mean the kids!) generate a huge amount of crap. Piled up, all over, from everywhere. So it then needs to go back. Or in the bin. Or in another pile. Agggh.

Sunday afternoons ae a little bit stressful at our house. We have to work out a plan to ease the busy-ness. What do Sunday afternoons look like at your house?

5 October 2013

She is seven

She is seven. The baby girl who made me a mother has reached the 7th celebration of her birth.

(stuffing her party bags)

She is fiesty, bossy, a leader, emotional, creative, curious, smart, challenging and beautiful. She is a perfectionist and her confidence is easily undermined. She has a "boyfriend".

(wearing one of her birthday presents)
She follows me everywhere, she asks one million and fifty seven questions in a day. She is very, very aware of her body, in the sense that she will vocalise the slightest discomfort, scratch or bump. She gets flustered easily and wants things doe in a certain way - or it's just not happening.

She cries easily. She is effusive in her affection. She is seven.