28 October 2013

Celebrating seven

Catching up! M's birthday morning.

I love that O is even more excited than M here!

The Furby. That thing is annoying. No off button. Talks all the time and when it turned evil, it made M cry. She doesn't play with it now as even she is annoyed by it.

We were both lucky enough to have the Friday off for M's birthday, so we headed to the beach for a BBQ and a swim.

And then... the party.

The party. I tried to do minimal junk food, actually minimal food in general as it was an afternoon party. We served sausage rolls, fruit, marshmallows, fairy bread and those pastels lollies in the jar above. Other than the kids asking "is it time yet?" every second minute, the 2 pm party was good timing.

No one ate the fruit.

My cake. No cake disasters this time. Who am I kidding? The first two cakes stuck to the pan and  I had to start again. I learned some lessons with this cake. Inside it was ombre pink, four layers. In the end, less than one layer was eaten. So much work and so much waste! Next year, even more simple.

The whole party was actually very easy. At this age, the parents can just drop and run, so we had nine squealing girls and one excited little brother. The girls danced, made bead necklaces, decorated biscuits, made a mess in M's room, opened the presents and cut the cake. Really, that was about it - but they seemed to have a great time. Itay and I were even able to sit down during the party and relax for a few minutes. This has never happened during other parties! I made a decision to really limit the guest list, telling M that she could invite seven kids (her age). This was blown out a little when I realised just one girl in her class was not invited. Some could not make it, as it was over the school holidays and on a long weekend here in QLD, but the nine girls were great together. I also didn't invite our friends and their kids. That felt a bit weird, but it made the party super easy.

So now she is seven.

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