5 October 2013

She is seven

She is seven. The baby girl who made me a mother has reached the 7th celebration of her birth.

(stuffing her party bags)

She is fiesty, bossy, a leader, emotional, creative, curious, smart, challenging and beautiful. She is a perfectionist and her confidence is easily undermined. She has a "boyfriend".

(wearing one of her birthday presents)
She follows me everywhere, she asks one million and fifty seven questions in a day. She is very, very aware of her body, in the sense that she will vocalise the slightest discomfort, scratch or bump. She gets flustered easily and wants things doe in a certain way - or it's just not happening.

She cries easily. She is effusive in her affection. She is seven.

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Michelle said...

Happy 7th Birthday to your growing girl :)