27 October 2013

The Sunday Pickup

Sunday afternoons at our house are really annoying. Completing prep for meals that we haven't had time for earlier in the weekend. Ironing uniforms and work clothes for three people. Sunday night dinner. About three or four loads of washing in from the line, folding and putting clothes away. Changing sheets. Lunch prep for the next day for three people. Packing school and kindy bags. And then the Sunday Pickup. I hate the damn Sunday Pickup. Over our two whole days at home we (I mainly mean the kids!) generate a huge amount of crap. Piled up, all over, from everywhere. So it then needs to go back. Or in the bin. Or in another pile. Agggh.

Sunday afternoons ae a little bit stressful at our house. We have to work out a plan to ease the busy-ness. What do Sunday afternoons look like at your house?

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