16 November 2013

The Pass

Our cousins came to visit recently - Itay's sister also lives here in Australia, but as they live in Melbourne, we see them about once a year. This year, they came to stay with us and we headed to The Pass. Itay and I were actually married on this beach in Byron, exactly 13 years and one week ago! I think the views speak for themselves. Stunning.

Isn't that view simply gorgeous? It was equally as lovely watching the cousins love each other, bicker and hold hands.

15 November 2013

My little people... photos

We celebrated a little friend's birthday recently, a Sunday afternoon BBQ in a park on a hill. Remember I wrote about the Sunday pickup? Add in a long afternoon in the park and it gets a bit crazy, but it was so lovley to break from the normal end of weekend crap.

She's just so pretty.

He is so sweet and ridiculously delicious.

12 November 2013

Weekend adventures

Recently, we took an impromptu drive in our new car. We came across some of these:

Llamas or alpacas? I think they're alpacas.


Some views like these...

And then this big gate, newly welded shut. No more exploring for us.

We ended up here, at the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. 300 metres of bridge, 30 metres up in the air. I stepped on and began to sweat and my stomach heaved. Pasting on a smily, happy, isn't-this-so-fun face, I clenched the railing and painstakingly walked behind my family. Even my feet were sweating. The platform that you walk along is mesh, so you can see straight down, and you can get your thongs (flip flops) caught in it. I was hating every second.

Family were loving it.  

The skywalk itself was quite short (even with a very intense dislike of open steps/mesh and hating every step) and then the rest of the walk was pretty bland. I'll be very honest, it was a complete rip off. I do realise we are very blessed to live somewhere that we can experience scenes far prettier than that in the photo above for free, and less than an hour from home. The cost left me with a very sour taste. Anyway, the kids thought it was fun and that's what counts. And I don't think they suspected that I was white knuckled and grinding my teeth while walking across the bridges!

8 November 2013

Icecream with sprinkles

Some days, when several crappy experiences pile up, it's best to get to the beach. Give your kids an ice cream. Walk. Be brave. Parenting through really tough personal situations is so hard, but so necessary. At these times, when all you want to do is sob in the shower, you need to get out and add sprinkles.