1 December 2013

Corporate what?

I started a new job recently (yes, another one!). It's quite a corporate environment and I feel a little out of my depth in some ways. I'm not a slick suited girl and I never have been. I don't do my nails, I don't get treatments in my hair, I didn't know you could get eyelash extensions and I don't really care all that much about makeup. I don't wear heels unless I am going to a function, and I can count a total of three times in the last year that I have worn them.

I also despise spending money on work clothes. Last year I loved having several uniform shirts. getting dressed was easy. But this new job? The girls are extremely well dressed and maintained. To be honest, I feel like a dry old shell of a woman. I'd like to get  bit more organisd and polished with clothes but I can't change the facts - I won't be wearing heels, I won't be getting false nails or eyelash extensions. I'm not out to impress the boss with anything but the work I do.

And speaking of the work I do... the work is interesting, at times challenging and I am learning a new skill set. It challenges my ethics.

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Michelle said...

I work in a corporate office as well and know what you mean. Iv slowly built up my work wardrobe, starting with the op shop and you know what I always seem to get compliments on the op shop outfits! Its a good thing that flats are in, you can get some dressy ones for work then you dont need to worry about the heels.