4 December 2013

Treasured, local, handmade

When I first heard "school stall" I had visions of homemade jams, and plants potted in recycled tins. Not so at our school, it's mainly imported cheap plastic bits. Times have changed and I'll be honest, if I had to contribute to the stall I would be stuck for ideas and time, so I do get it. However I'm not a fan of the imported plastic bits for several reasons.

My girl
When I received the note home, telling us that M would visit the school Christmas stall this week, I decided to offer her a deal.
$5 for the Christmas stall. Or $10 to spend on anything she wants at The Village Markets. She has had her eye on a handmade owl softie at these markets for a litttle while now, and her eyes lit up when I asked her what she had loved there. I talked to her about buying something lovingly made by hand and how our purchase will help that person's Christmas. When I asked, she couldn't remember what she had bought at the Fathers Day stall, so we then talked about buying gifts that we will treasure with our hearts. I also said I will still give the school $5 and then tried to explain they got to keep that whole $5... That was a bit difficult (profit margins, little bit hard to explain to a seven year old!).
She understood the concept of buying handmade and locally and she loved the idea of helping someone with their own Christmas. So I think it was a win/win situation and she handled her class going to the stall without her quite gracefully. My lovely girl.

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