31 January 2014



These photos were taken as the sun was setting on the first day of 2014. (Yes, I know we're on the last day of January!) We had a quiet NYE and we had a very, very lazy morning. I couldn't shake my lack of energy, the general blah feeling that morning, it really as quite an awful energy. I had a very quick nap and we heded to the beach late in the afternoon.

After a swim, I felt better. The ocean is always an energy changer for me... but then I was anxious to get home. Be at home. I had to work the next day and we scrambled to change our dinner plans for something super simple.

It wasn't the ideal energy for the first day of the year. Why do we set such store by the first day of the year? It's a day, like any other. So I needed to move forward and move out of that energy, keep on doing and waking up.

30 January 2014

Number 8

It looks like we have a new house! Settlement was today but over the last few weeks we have ordered carpet, chosen paint, measured and pondered.

The house is quite dated, salmon walls, brown bathroom tiles, red/brown floors. I'm keen for a very fresh, pale, white and airy feel to the spaces and so we've chose this white, Antique White USA. A dear friend suggested this colour and showed me the walls at the gorgeous place she works - all walls painted in Antique White USA.

The kitchen. It's bigger than our current kitchen and it's not dated and green. However, it is purple. Oh yes, purple/aubergine and truly a bad colour. A tiny pantry. We'll live with it but believe me, I've already researched how to cover that purple shit up!

I've lived without a dishwasher for seven years and it's my time, baby. A new dishwasher!

The house is tiny but the yard space is double what we have now. Closer to M's school. A cute little country suburb. We're moving to number 8...

18 January 2014


I had a week of annual leave last week and hung out with the kids. We didn't do much, but the week seemed to pas by very quickly and I was sad to send them to kindy and vacation care this week. Getting to work and actually working this week were quite the challenges!

During the week we had a home day, a lovely catch up with a dear friend in Byron, a sleepover at my mum's place and another catch up with another darling friend. We shopped for school stuff and failed miserably! The drink bottle is too big and the lunch box is not waterproof. Back to the shops I suppose.
We did some stuff for our new place (and yes, it's looking promising!) and ate some junky food. We bounced on the trampoline, yelled and shouted and watched some DVDs. We played Monopoly again, a marathon game in whcih the kids absolutely slayed me! We met up with our Mothers Group friends at a play cafe - I really detest those places but I love those girls. I've been meeting up with them since our oldest kids were six weeks old.

Here's M at my mum's place, relaxing in front of the fire before dinner... Yes, a fire in summer. She's also wearing one of my mum's cardigans. It had been so hot, I really did not think to pack anything more than tshirts and shorts!
Only another week of school holidays left. Hello, 2014.

9 January 2014

Moving forward

We have a huge new opportunity and blessing coming to us in 2014 - it seems that we may be moving soon! Even if we don't (and after today, we should know 100%), it has triggered a huge declutter, get motivated, sort stuff out vibe! Even if we don't move just yet, we'll be in a better position to do it when the next opportunity comes up. We've been in our current home for close to seven years!
I've culled down my magazines and I'll switch to emags very soon. I have piles and piles of magazines, so I've flipped through almost every one and ripped out anything I want to keep.
I've sorted through the baskets in the kids' bathroom, we'll use up and small/sample shampoos, conditioners and body washes. Old make up and hair products have been tossed out (far beyond their use by dates!) and I'm testing the two (?!) extra hair dryers and an electric toothbrush out.
I've started chipping away at M's room... That it a really, really difficult room, probably the hardest in the whole house. She has masses of craft supplies, canvases and frames, little tiny bits and pieces of stuff and things. It's crazy, and hard to throw anything away. She has drawers and drawers of arty creations and I've almost talked her in to my solution: taking a photo of each drawing/painting/collage etc and then making a big picture book out of the photographs. Then... throwing the actual artwork away, keeping a few special things of course. Any other ideas here?!
It's also presented me with some opportunities to think about practicing simplicity. Driving home from a short stay with my mum on her acearage and a visit with my friend Laura on her farm - both with a simpler way of life and vegies growing everywhere - this prompted me to think about how we can live more simply and more authentically.
Here's hoping this move comes to fruition, and in the meantime, more decluttering to work on!

5 January 2014

Catching up

And so that was Christmas, 2013. Early morning presents at our house, then down to my mum's for more presents and lunch. A lovely, quiet day full of joy of our kids. Perfect.

 Love the expression on her face in the above and below photos! Santa got it right!

 Chocolate Uno! Two of O's favourite things!

He looks a bit dazed here - crackers/bons bons have always scared him. Putting his Christmas hat on was quite an achievement!

If no one will help, I'll do it myself... he said.

Uncle MegaLu (not his real name, one given to him by O), teaching M to sew.

Threading the machine proved to be quite an issue. Santa is taking that one back and upgrading.

Early morning game of Monopoly with Grandma Janet.

 Grandma Janet's decorations.

Christmas in the country.
ps. thank you for the couple of comments regarding my blogging, I appreciate it xx

1 January 2014

One day, we drove

And found this.