5 January 2014

Catching up

And so that was Christmas, 2013. Early morning presents at our house, then down to my mum's for more presents and lunch. A lovely, quiet day full of joy of our kids. Perfect.

 Love the expression on her face in the above and below photos! Santa got it right!

 Chocolate Uno! Two of O's favourite things!

He looks a bit dazed here - crackers/bons bons have always scared him. Putting his Christmas hat on was quite an achievement!

If no one will help, I'll do it myself... he said.

Uncle MegaLu (not his real name, one given to him by O), teaching M to sew.

Threading the machine proved to be quite an issue. Santa is taking that one back and upgrading.

Early morning game of Monopoly with Grandma Janet.

 Grandma Janet's decorations.

Christmas in the country.
ps. thank you for the couple of comments regarding my blogging, I appreciate it xx


Michelle said...

Looks like a perfect Christmas Day and the look of excitment on the kids face is priceless :)

Jill Barrass said...

Hey Blythe, Wonderful pictures of your Christmas day.Glad it was a good one !The children's faces said it all really. I LOVE the picture of the young man trying to get the little pink sewing machine going ! Classic ! You take lovely photographs Blythe ! how did you get that effect in the monopoly Photo ?

Keep on blogging - It's wonderful to read and see !