31 January 2014



These photos were taken as the sun was setting on the first day of 2014. (Yes, I know we're on the last day of January!) We had a quiet NYE and we had a very, very lazy morning. I couldn't shake my lack of energy, the general blah feeling that morning, it really as quite an awful energy. I had a very quick nap and we heded to the beach late in the afternoon.

After a swim, I felt better. The ocean is always an energy changer for me... but then I was anxious to get home. Be at home. I had to work the next day and we scrambled to change our dinner plans for something super simple.

It wasn't the ideal energy for the first day of the year. Why do we set such store by the first day of the year? It's a day, like any other. So I needed to move forward and move out of that energy, keep on doing and waking up.

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Jill Barrass said...

Lovely Pictures Blythe ! Hope you are feeling NOT Blah now ! You are going to need ALL your energy for moving house!! Fantastic !!