9 January 2014

Moving forward

We have a huge new opportunity and blessing coming to us in 2014 - it seems that we may be moving soon! Even if we don't (and after today, we should know 100%), it has triggered a huge declutter, get motivated, sort stuff out vibe! Even if we don't move just yet, we'll be in a better position to do it when the next opportunity comes up. We've been in our current home for close to seven years!
I've culled down my magazines and I'll switch to emags very soon. I have piles and piles of magazines, so I've flipped through almost every one and ripped out anything I want to keep.
I've sorted through the baskets in the kids' bathroom, we'll use up and small/sample shampoos, conditioners and body washes. Old make up and hair products have been tossed out (far beyond their use by dates!) and I'm testing the two (?!) extra hair dryers and an electric toothbrush out.
I've started chipping away at M's room... That it a really, really difficult room, probably the hardest in the whole house. She has masses of craft supplies, canvases and frames, little tiny bits and pieces of stuff and things. It's crazy, and hard to throw anything away. She has drawers and drawers of arty creations and I've almost talked her in to my solution: taking a photo of each drawing/painting/collage etc and then making a big picture book out of the photographs. Then... throwing the actual artwork away, keeping a few special things of course. Any other ideas here?!
It's also presented me with some opportunities to think about practicing simplicity. Driving home from a short stay with my mum on her acearage and a visit with my friend Laura on her farm - both with a simpler way of life and vegies growing everywhere - this prompted me to think about how we can live more simply and more authentically.
Here's hoping this move comes to fruition, and in the meantime, more decluttering to work on!

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Jill Barrass said...

Hey Blythe !
How exciting for you - the possibility of starting a new year in a new home! So pleased for you.And even if you don't move just yet, think of how pristine and minimalist looking your present home will be when you've decluttered it !!
When I moved to my present little home just over a year ago,I had to dump a huge amount of "stuff" because I was downsizing and moving to a country town from the big city of Auckland. ( and I still have a few boxes of things in my garage that I haven't the space for, but can't bring myself to get rid of !! )

I totally understand M's reluctance to part with her precious stuff. But she will have the pleasure of making new creations in her new home!! I love your idea of the photo book momento of her art work,and keeping just a few really special things. Can't think of a better idea except to put forward the ideaof making about five piles of her work and getting her to choose ONE thing from each pile so that she takes five special creations to the new place and that she starts making new creations for her new surroundings.
And you are right -about living more simply and growing a few vegies. Since I have been here I have established a flower garden of glorious colour and have got tomatoes, ruhbarb and lettuces to eat. And life is simpler here - slower pace, no big shopping malls or traffic jams !!

Hope it happens soon and if not -it isn't the right time or the right home but it WILL happen ! I know it !!!!!