30 January 2014

Number 8

It looks like we have a new house! Settlement was today but over the last few weeks we have ordered carpet, chosen paint, measured and pondered.

The house is quite dated, salmon walls, brown bathroom tiles, red/brown floors. I'm keen for a very fresh, pale, white and airy feel to the spaces and so we've chose this white, Antique White USA. A dear friend suggested this colour and showed me the walls at the gorgeous place she works - all walls painted in Antique White USA.

The kitchen. It's bigger than our current kitchen and it's not dated and green. However, it is purple. Oh yes, purple/aubergine and truly a bad colour. A tiny pantry. We'll live with it but believe me, I've already researched how to cover that purple shit up!

I've lived without a dishwasher for seven years and it's my time, baby. A new dishwasher!

The house is tiny but the yard space is double what we have now. Closer to M's school. A cute little country suburb. We're moving to number 8...

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Jill Barrass said...

How wonderful ! You can breathe a sigh of relief - the move can happen. The colour schemes are not wonderful but you will soon fix that.. Amazing what people think is attractive don't you think!? At last you will have a great new carpet as well !!......

Get the kids to draw pictures on the old walls before you cover them up with new paint !!!