18 January 2014


I had a week of annual leave last week and hung out with the kids. We didn't do much, but the week seemed to pas by very quickly and I was sad to send them to kindy and vacation care this week. Getting to work and actually working this week were quite the challenges!

During the week we had a home day, a lovely catch up with a dear friend in Byron, a sleepover at my mum's place and another catch up with another darling friend. We shopped for school stuff and failed miserably! The drink bottle is too big and the lunch box is not waterproof. Back to the shops I suppose.
We did some stuff for our new place (and yes, it's looking promising!) and ate some junky food. We bounced on the trampoline, yelled and shouted and watched some DVDs. We played Monopoly again, a marathon game in whcih the kids absolutely slayed me! We met up with our Mothers Group friends at a play cafe - I really detest those places but I love those girls. I've been meeting up with them since our oldest kids were six weeks old.

Here's M at my mum's place, relaxing in front of the fire before dinner... Yes, a fire in summer. She's also wearing one of my mum's cardigans. It had been so hot, I really did not think to pack anything more than tshirts and shorts!
Only another week of school holidays left. Hello, 2014.


Jill Barrass said...

Yes it's a shame when the holidays come to an end. The days fly by much more quickly during the holidays and breaks !

Great to read that the new home is a definite possibility ! A lot of hard work to come I guess, but worth it !!!

Lovely to see your girl with a BOOK instead of a screen of some sort ! LOL.

Keep up withe the blogging Blythe. It's great to click on the link and see if there is another snippet to savour. Jill.xx

Jill Barrass said...

PS. Your girl looks such a happy child !

Michelle said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect staycation! That first week back at work is a drag thats for sure but luckily a long weekend Australia Day is just around the corner :)