6 February 2014

Blue and yellow and purple and peach and brown

Our little house needs some loving. It's tired, a litle bit old and a little bit run down. Sorry, I couldn't stop talking about myself there. But the house! We've discovered that even when you start pretty minor renovations, it's time to actually decide big important things like... what is our style? What do we like? What makes us feel comfortable? What do we want to live with?

New paint. So I (we) decided on white walls in Antique White USA. White ceilings. White doors, trim, window sills. I'm still wondering whether we should have a different white on the trim, doors and sills. Same white? Different white? I don't know. Itay, my mum and my dad have all said... all white is boring. But I'm hoping for a very fresh, airy and light feel. I want the walls to be the background will colour in other areas - art on the walls, furniture, cushions, rugs, bed linen... What do you think? Check out my White board on Pinterest. I don't think any of those pins are boring. I think my other boards (pinned prior to buying this home) show that I love airy, beachy, pale and light.

Then there are decisions such as - is it worth the extra money to use special bathroom & kitchen paint which is antibacterial and resists mould? And should we get it on both the walls and the ceiling?

Our cupboard space is dramatically decreasing in our new little house so I'm feeling a bit worried about this. It's been the perfect opportunity to sort through every shelf, drwer, box and bag in our current home. We only have a few areas left - the kitchen and laundry, not so hard. M's room - the most difficult. I am still procrastinating on that one. She has agreed to photos of her artworks, so some progress there. I need to start her room this weekend, preferably without her there!

Most other spaces in our house are ready to be packed. One glaring omission is our desk. We're ditching the desk itself, an awful monstrosity from Officeworks many years ago. We're drastcally downsizing to this tiny, simple desk from Ikea:

It really is tiny but I'm hoping that this forced downsizing in many areas of the house will also force us to stick to a system, put things in their place, file as we go.... Am I crazy for thinking that a new home will change the way we are??!

The purple kitchen is just so purple. I don't even know what to say about it. The pantry is tiny and purple. In a very aubergine kind of way.

Here are some little glimpses of the current state of the house. What do you think?!

Lovely paint in the bathroom. The tiles, they're just so brown and floral.

Beautifully painted here.

I love the 1.5 centimetre of yellow paint that just drifts over on to the blue wall, also seen in the the other blue/yellow photo above. The peeling ceiling is a sweet touch.

 It looks brown, but here's a sneak peek of the aubergine. Love hate a purple feature wall with a recess!

That's our room. Pretty in peach, right? Also the rusted fan. See ya later! See what I mean about being dated, tired and old?

That's what we're looking at right now. Stay tuned for the white episode, coming to this blog and our new house, very soon.


Jill Barrass said...

Hello Blythe ! Loved looking at your "Boards " ! airy and light is my preference also. My little cottage was the black hole of Calcutta when I moved in! Dark mushroom was the colour scheme. It was also filthy! Kitchen sink and pantry falling to bits and so dirty. Bathroon needed half a new floor,a new toilet ( the cistern was falling off the wall ! )and new shower and vanity, The shower door was caked in soap scum ! The bedrooms were equally awful. Wardrobe in main bedroom had doors hanging off etc. and second bedroom had no wardrobe or any storage spaces also no power points or phone jacks. Painted all walls a light cream called Sandfly Point and all ceilings,doors and trims white. It looked 1000% better after! New kitchen bench and sink with room for under bench frontloader washing machine plus new pantry made kitchen a pleasure and new bathroom fittings looked great in white !Bedrooms were painted Sandfly Point and white and I installed ready made white wardrobe for the room with no storage and also a ready made white cupboard for a linen closet. Looks great and with new light fittings and cream drapes throughout the place looks a million bucks !!!

I love your ideas for a colour scheme- beachy, airy and light. If you have all white you can dress it up with spots of colour in drapes, cushions, art and plants ! You are going to have a lot of fun doing it all up ! You said there was minimal storage. Check out my idea of ready made cupboards and wardrobes. They will fit in corners of childrens rooms and in your garage. Mine are in white and they look perfect with my colour scheme. you are right about that fan in your room. It has to go ! If you have any money left after the main renovations consider air conditioning. I wavered between for and against for ages, but decided in favour in the end. Its a godsend! Heats the place in minutes in the winter and cools it right down in Summer. I didn't get special paint for the bathroom, just used what I had for everywhere else. I got a cheap all-in-one light,fan/de-steamer,heater fitted in the ceiling. Works well. No mould yet any way !!
will you show pics. as you go? it will be great to see progress !

Jill Barrass said...
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Jill Barrass said...

Blythe, When I posted, it sent it twice so deleted one. Didn't think you would want to read same comment !! LOL

Michelle said...

All white will be clean and fresh and you can add all the colours you want with your furniture, art and decor. It is also much easier to use just 1 paint colour, we've done the same throughout our home and I love it. Ours is all a light grey.
For the skirting, window frames, doors you will probably use a high gloss white so you can wipe them clean. Whereas the walls would be a matt/low sheen so they are different types of paints. Which means that if you wanted it a slightly different shade of white that would be easy enough to do.
I would recommend getting the wet area paint for your wet areas because the last thing you want after all that preparation and hard work painting, for you to have to repaint it when the mould starts to show through.
Exciting times ahead make sure you take lots of before photos :)