21 February 2014

Shades of white

It's been quiet in this space while we pack up our old home space and prepare another for our new home and a new era in our lives.

Here we are... whitey white white white! Check out the incredibly badly designed built in cupboard. That is a cupboard door that can only be completely opened when the door to the room is closed. It will be coming off tomorrow and we'll try to figure out a solution, either swapping the door to the other side or using a curtain. A sliding door would be ideal but not on the cards right now.

Remember the aubergine and yellow wall recess? Here it is again in white. Much better! You can see in the bottom left corner that the carpet is up and the skirting is now white. It was stained wood previously.

Our boy, hard at work clearing a drain. He's loving it!

1 comment:

Jill Barrass said...

Good work Blythe !!! It looks great! Airy and bright.

That cupboard is a good space for storage. You could fill it with shelves to fit, place the door on the other side and hey presto ! A place to hide stuff away !

I LOVE that recess in the wall. Is that a light of some sort at the top? A stunning place to put something colourful - a piece of art ?

What progress you have made ! Good work !!Must be hard while juggling work and kids !!