23 February 2014

Why I'm not feeling excited

People keep asking "are you excited?" and the answer that comes out of my mouth is... no. Not yet. And until last night I wasn't sure why. I think Itay was getting a little frustrated with me, after all, this is our very own house, a dream come true!

After a bit of pondering I realised that it is a sense of the unknown, of change, of uprooting myself and my family and my life from the one place I have spent the longest period of my life. Yes, we've been in our current house for seven years and this is the longest I have spent in any house during my 39 years of living. I feel a sense of tiredness and unease about having to learn the ways of a new house, albeit our very own home. Is this silly? The knowing, the ease of daily life in this current house, it's all about to change and be a bit difficult for a while.

Also, a huge part of this house is that O was born here. In our bedroom. This is the house we grew as a family. M was only 10 months old when we moved in, so we truly have grown up here. Grown as parents.

We've been taking small load after load of stuff to the new house and this is what it currently looks like. That tiny purple kitchen just pisses me off. This kitchen is a custom made disaster. It's an afwul colour. This is obvious. The design is simply shocking with a terrible use of available space. The cupboards are a joke. The stove and oven sitting on the island? They're a safety issue which scares me. The pantry is just ridiculous. But I have to fill the glass half full, instead of the half empty it's sitting at right now. This is going to be our kitchen as of next Friday night. Suck it up, Blythe!

Here's the cupboard in M's room, with door removed. Obviously we need to touch up the spots where the hinges were located. And our delicious new carpet! I just love our carpet and I'm so happy with our colour choice and the quality. My method for choosing carpet was at first purely physical. Once we ruled out the carpet we thought we liked, I walked around touching every sample. This carpet was the winner. We have a few more years of the kids playing on the floor and I wanted this carpet to be beautifully soft and luxurious. This one feels so lovely and the colour works so well for us. This photo was taken with a flash so the colour loks different in natural light, also doesn't have those ripples in real life!

Here's part of our ensuite. 1985, anyone?!

As I write this on Sunday night, our current home is feeling a little less full, a little bare. We're making progress. We're moving. And once I'd identified why I was feeling a bit stuck, I began to feel a little less stuck. I'm making progress.

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Jill Barrass said...

Hi Blythe,
I think you'll be ok in your new house ! You've done a lot already ! LOVE the carpet ! The white walls look great. As for the kitchen, inspiration will come for use of the space once you have changed the colour scheme!

I can empathise with your unease about the whole moving thing. It's a big deal shifting house! It's up there as one of the most stressful life events ! I moved a year ago now and moved for financial reasons 200kms away from what I knew. I thought I'd done the worst thing ever in my life at the time. But I slowly realised it was a GOOD thing and each time I accomplish some new thing to the decor I find I'm liking it a lot ! I'm SURE it'll be the same for you. You know, there isn't a thing about a house that can't be changed or rearranged somehow, some way and usually it's inexpensive !I found that out when I looked at the toilet cistern hanging sideways on the wall when I moved in here !!!LOL

Thanks for all the pictures of the progress ! It's looking lovely !!!