20 March 2014


We're home. New home. It's been a crazy time, settling in and simultaneously surviving two extremely stressful and draining weeks at work. I shed a few tears driving home, in the (cold) shower and late at night more than once during that couple of weeks. Add to that - no hot water for seven days. A first world issue but cold cold cold showers for a week really didn't help. We boiled water for the kids but Itay and I just sucked it up. Washing my long-ish hair with freezing cold water at 6am just plain sucked. The hot water episode was full of angst, hour long (seriously) phone calls to Energex and much frustration.
We also had no TV, phone or internet for close to two weeks. We're back in the world of computers and TV. The outside areas of our house look far less like they should be featured in an episode of Hoarders. We're not at all finished but it feels easier now.
In the middle of it all I had to fly to Sydney for work and had another day of driving for a different trip. Three trips to Ikea in less than two weeks (it's not a quick drive either!). The girl had a sleepover. Swimming lessons. My dad flew overseas for six months. A night out for a 40th, a picnic for the 40th. Our first visitors. A BBQ with new neighbours. (We have lovely new neighbours, a safe little cul de sac where the kids can ride bikes with kids their own ages. It's just lovely.) A dear friend delivering the most excellent homemade food, snacks and fruit on our first Sunday in the house.
A new kind of normal. Home.