28 April 2014

O - almost five

This is a blurry, weird photo but I just love it. My boy, flying.

He is almost five, in just a few weeks we'll be celebrating his birthday. He is so happy and full of joy and laughter. He wakes happy, he goes to bed happy. He laughs and laughs and he makes us laugh too.

He is scared of dogs, waves, loud noises, large groups of people and anyone dressed up as a character (like a clown, or a big koala or a Subway sandwich), mannequins and changes to his routine or the way he knows the world. For instance, he swims like a fish during his swimming lessons these days. Then a change - he's now out in the big pool while renovations are happening on the indoor pool. He's not happy and has sobbed through both lessons in the big pool. He's scared of going to big school because the bell frightens him.

His eyes are a pale, vivid green with flecks of yellow. He's growing his blonde hair, he wnats it to be long. His legs are muscular and he holds so much strength. He is small, sometimes wearing size 1 shorts (but most often 2) and size 3 shirts. He loves wearning gumboots and sneakers. He likes to put his cap on backwards even though he knows I don't like it!

He still adores 4WD, going offroad and he has an obsession with roof tops tents. He knows more about winching, flex and low gear than many adults would! He has a new love of fishing. He's just started going to the skate park, being just a little too confident on his newish two wheel scooter.

He is so sweet and funny. Even when he's naughty or in trouble, he can't hold back his smile. Trying to show him that some behaviours are not acceptable, for instance taking away his screen time, don't really seem to affect him. He can bold-face lie, get busted and still giggle. Highly frustrating but also funny, so we have to hold it together in front of him!

He is divine, kind, a great little helper and just so delicious. Love him so.

22 April 2014

How do you travel?

Most of us would say we love to travel. Right? I love to travel and experience new places. But truly, I've never really enjoyed the actual part where you have to travel to get where you're going. The driving, the flying, the whatever. Only in the last few weeks have I actually nailed down the realisation that travelling gives me a headache. 98% of trips over about an hour, via any mode of transport and I get a headache, I feel wiped out and exhausted. On the first flight of our last trip overseas, I had one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced - all nine hours in economy with two young kids. We drive the 1.5 hours down the coast to visit family and I'm moving in to headache territory.
When I arrive (again, almost any trip over about 1.5 hours) I feel dazed and a little bit foggy, detached from what is happening around me. Is this weird? My only solution at the moment is painkillers, so I need to figure out a better way for my body to cope with being moved from one place to another. Any suggestions?
Of course, I love the experiences when I get there!

15 April 2014

Settling in to our new rhythm

The last sunrise at our old home
We're slowly settling in to life in our little country/city suburb. There are only a few boxes of random things lying around. Cooking feels less awkward in our weird little kitchen. Getting ready to go to work and school has fallen in to a rhythm which although still new, feels a little smoother. Most things have a place. Quite a few don't, and that's been frustrating and also a work in progress. We're living with a few quirks and pieces to see what works and what doesn't. Having to set up the ironing board in the living area each time we need to iron really does not work, so we're trying to find a solution for that one!
After seven long years, we finally have a dishwasher. I love it. Water and energy efficient, it's also time efficient, slicing (what feels like) so much time off our daily cleanup.
We've experienced a flash flood here already and that was a very fast method of discovering what doesn't work around the place... Drains and pipes unfortunately did not cope with the heavy rain and we took turns in setting the alram to go out in the rain and dig and clear the drains. Not a fun night, but we got through it and we've identified what needs to be changed and fixed.
I saw someone riding a horse in the main street as I drove to work one morning. We wake up with beautiful light slipping through the blinds. We have our challenges with our new space, but it was the right move for us.  

1 April 2014


I have quite the milestone looming this year. 40 long years on this earth. How to celebrate? I would like friends to gather, family to visit, relaxation, a little bit of buzz, a lot of beach, some body bliss, amazing food, a bit of luxe.

I have not put enough effort in to friendships for the longest time. Too long. Why should I expect them to come together to celebrate my birthday? And so I am already doubting what I can plan, trying to undo my expectations.

I'm looking at houses in Byron for the weekend and quick trips to Fiji. Forty! I'm not usually in to celebrating my birthday, but this one feels different...