22 April 2014

How do you travel?

Most of us would say we love to travel. Right? I love to travel and experience new places. But truly, I've never really enjoyed the actual part where you have to travel to get where you're going. The driving, the flying, the whatever. Only in the last few weeks have I actually nailed down the realisation that travelling gives me a headache. 98% of trips over about an hour, via any mode of transport and I get a headache, I feel wiped out and exhausted. On the first flight of our last trip overseas, I had one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced - all nine hours in economy with two young kids. We drive the 1.5 hours down the coast to visit family and I'm moving in to headache territory.
When I arrive (again, almost any trip over about 1.5 hours) I feel dazed and a little bit foggy, detached from what is happening around me. Is this weird? My only solution at the moment is painkillers, so I need to figure out a better way for my body to cope with being moved from one place to another. Any suggestions?
Of course, I love the experiences when I get there!

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Jill Barrass said...

I Think your problem is STRESS ! You are stressing about the trip and you are stressing about the head ache you are going to get ! Apart from air travel, when you travel are you the passenger or the driver ? If you are the passenger then you have the whole trip to stress about the headache ! SO:
No. 1 Take the painkillers at the time you leave. It's too late when the headache has started. This might head it off at the pass a little.
No. 2 You drive. You will have to concentrate on all you have to do with driving, ergo: not thinking about the headache.
No.3 Stop half way for a breather, get out and walk around, take in the scenery. Eat some thing and above all drink something.Keep WELL hydrated.A brain that is stressing dries out and that WILL give you a headache!
No.4 Leave EARLY ! so you are not stressing about arrival times and so that you have time to take a breather halfway.
No.5 Empty bladder before you leave and if possible again when you take your breather. This may mean checking your route the night before for public bathrooms.

Hopefully, once you have got this into a routine every time you go anywhere, you will arrive fresh and headache free.

So: Painkillers, Bladder, Leave early, You drive, Breather, Bladder, Eat and DRINK. Enjoy !

Air travel: If you can, curl up in your seat so that your feet are up and DRINK WATER. LOTS of WATER. The air conditioning in airplanes dries out your brain
very quickly !

Hope this helps Blythe !