28 April 2014

O - almost five

This is a blurry, weird photo but I just love it. My boy, flying.

He is almost five, in just a few weeks we'll be celebrating his birthday. He is so happy and full of joy and laughter. He wakes happy, he goes to bed happy. He laughs and laughs and he makes us laugh too.

He is scared of dogs, waves, loud noises, large groups of people and anyone dressed up as a character (like a clown, or a big koala or a Subway sandwich), mannequins and changes to his routine or the way he knows the world. For instance, he swims like a fish during his swimming lessons these days. Then a change - he's now out in the big pool while renovations are happening on the indoor pool. He's not happy and has sobbed through both lessons in the big pool. He's scared of going to big school because the bell frightens him.

His eyes are a pale, vivid green with flecks of yellow. He's growing his blonde hair, he wnats it to be long. His legs are muscular and he holds so much strength. He is small, sometimes wearing size 1 shorts (but most often 2) and size 3 shirts. He loves wearning gumboots and sneakers. He likes to put his cap on backwards even though he knows I don't like it!

He still adores 4WD, going offroad and he has an obsession with roof tops tents. He knows more about winching, flex and low gear than many adults would! He has a new love of fishing. He's just started going to the skate park, being just a little too confident on his newish two wheel scooter.

He is so sweet and funny. Even when he's naughty or in trouble, he can't hold back his smile. Trying to show him that some behaviours are not acceptable, for instance taking away his screen time, don't really seem to affect him. He can bold-face lie, get busted and still giggle. Highly frustrating but also funny, so we have to hold it together in front of him!

He is divine, kind, a great little helper and just so delicious. Love him so.

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Jill Barrass said...

He sounds like such a gorgeous little guy ! In the photos he looks mischevious, healthy and full of fun !

You've mentioned a few times about how small he is. That's ok,he may be small but he's perfectly formed ! He's healthy and happy and thats all that matters ! He looks great to me !!

Good job Blythe ! Hope he has a great time on his birthday. Five is a big deal to a boy !!!!