2 June 2014

Of blue and bikes

This day was ridiculously brilliant, cloudless sky and the ocean was so many indescribable shades of blue. My little guy mastered the art of bike riding with no training wheels, even though back here, he said he was never, ever taking them off! He did it so quickly and with such ease, the guy has balance and confidence!

They took off on their bikes and Itay followed them on one of the scooters. I was the mumsy mum, waddling behind holding the hats and drinks.

Stuff that. I decided to get a bike. A blue bike. It's freakin' awesome.

It's blue with purple go-faster swishes, white wall tyres, fat and comfy white site and wide, shiny handlebars with white grips. I let them think they were buying me a Mothers Day gift (thank you, my little family!). Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cruising!

1 comment:

Jill Barrass said...

How COOL! Lovely colour that blue !Hope you got a helmet to match !!!!!