6 July 2014

Dry July

I haven't been organised and signed up to the official Dry July or looked for sponsorship. I've just set Dry July as a personal goal for myself. Offically, Dry July is about giving up alcohol for a month, while raising funds via sponsors. This supports adults living with cancer and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

Now that I look in to it, I wish I'd been proactive enough to raise some funds, but what I'm doing is to give my body a break and to challenge my own habits. Today is Sunday 6th July, and probably one of the first weekends in a long while that I've not enjoyed a drink. A few years ago, I had longer than a month off and I also exercised quite a bit. Need to add that part back in!

I notice I'm sleeping better, certainly. And my headaches can't be blamed on alcohol, so that needs to be investigated a little further. I notice slightly more clarity. I hope my liver is loving me. Here's to the rest of the month!