27 September 2014

How he travels

This boy. He's so delightful. This trip, this holiday - he was in a state of bliss, pure enjoyment. Out of his comfort zone but loving it. Every experience was magical to him. If he was tired, he slept. He ate and tried new foods. He swam and swam and snorkelled and explored. He coped with strange situations and literally hundreds of people in his face. He stopped people in their tracks with his small sweetness, his blonde hair and his green eyes. His dimples.

I'm so grateful that we were able to spend this time together.

(In this photo, we're on the ferry to Koh Phangan and he felt a bit sick. So he just dealt with it by falling asleep. Woke up happy and thrilled!)

26 September 2014

Malaysia for a night

We had a pretty crazy connection so we ended up staying in Kuala Lumpur for a night before heading to Thailand.

Breakfast was very lavish with a buffet which spread over two rooms! A huge mix of food - dahl, sausages, hommous, congee, pita, olives, hash browns, toast, rice, noodles, fruit, croissants, salad...

And then we landed in Koh Samui, heading straighting for the pier and our little piece of paradise!

25 September 2014

Off we go...

 About 18 hours before our flight, M on the lounge, not feeling well.

On the Thursday before we left on our holiday, M complained of sore ears. It's very difficult to know when she is actually suffering so it wasn't until late Friday night that I really thought she may have an ear infection. We headed to the doctor on Saturday morning (amongst post office, library, last minute packing, closing up the house and all that stuff that goes with leaving for a few weeks!). Given that we were flying the next morning, we filled the prescription for antibiotics and started them immediately, even though the infection was very mild. Flying with an ear infection, and heading in to a holiday based around swimming every day, it was not an ideal situation.

We left quite early the next morning, and her situation had improved. Landing was not so fun, and neither was the fact she wasn't able to get her head wet for the first three days of the holiday...

O was a champion traveller. Seriously, he was the best.

Flying over the top end uo Australia, heading to Malaysia.

5 September 2014

Real life

Rainy days, kids quietly playing. Making a mess, yes, but quietly investigating, creating, making and playing. And quietly together!
We chose to put new carpet in the bedrooms rather than floorboards because we knew the kids would be down on the floor, playing just like this, for a few years to come. It's so soft and lovely to walk on and play and lie down and roll around on. Real life at our house, in our home.

2 September 2014

Hello, blog

The stairs are creaking, the door protests and I'm wiping away cobwebs. Hello, blog.

What's been happening? Well, I didn't make Dry July but I did get to the three week mark. I think I'll try February next time!

Work is insane and very stressful. Constantly learning and being challenged, well and truly out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, juggling many, many tasks and often working just a little too fast and not quite getting it right. This is mentally exhausting and I'm not sure exactly how to slow it all down.

Kids are delightful and hard and beautiful and funny.

We're heading to Thailand for two weeks on Sunday. Crazy good and crazy hard all at the same time. It's been a few years since we've taken such a long family holiday (three years actually!) so there's been quite a bit going on to get this all organised. New passports for the girl and I, timed in with new driver's license, rates, water, car regos and insurances all at the same time. Phew! If only I could redo my passport photo - M looks like a child supermodel and I look like I need to wash my hair. We're looking forward to family time, beach and pool, adventures and new experiences for our little people.

Here we are, my funny face girl and I. (A very rare photo of me.) I hope to be back on this little blogging space, sooner rather than later. xx