25 September 2014

Off we go...

 About 18 hours before our flight, M on the lounge, not feeling well.

On the Thursday before we left on our holiday, M complained of sore ears. It's very difficult to know when she is actually suffering so it wasn't until late Friday night that I really thought she may have an ear infection. We headed to the doctor on Saturday morning (amongst post office, library, last minute packing, closing up the house and all that stuff that goes with leaving for a few weeks!). Given that we were flying the next morning, we filled the prescription for antibiotics and started them immediately, even though the infection was very mild. Flying with an ear infection, and heading in to a holiday based around swimming every day, it was not an ideal situation.

We left quite early the next morning, and her situation had improved. Landing was not so fun, and neither was the fact she wasn't able to get her head wet for the first three days of the holiday...

O was a champion traveller. Seriously, he was the best.

Flying over the top end uo Australia, heading to Malaysia.

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Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

I hope M is feeling better that would not be fun flying with sore ears. Poor poppet!! Hope your having a fabulous holiday xx